6 May 2013

The Weekly Digest #2

Its been a busy week this work. Uni back and I'm interning again. Its all very exciting.

I still managed some time for mindless internet browsing and neighbourhood exploring. Here's what I discovered this week:
  1. The Book Kitchen in Surry Hills, in a word, is my heaven! Cookbooks and food all in the one place! And I can read these books while I eat? Ah, YES PLEASE! The food is also amazing, and very appropriately priced. I had the pear, walnut and date bread with passionfruit butter and a  white rose Teacraft tea all for $10. Check it out for yourself here
  2. I read a lot, but I its not just for the reading that I buy books. I think they are beautiful pieces, and I treasure each of them. The Folio Society is a chance discovery of incredibly beautiful illustrated books. They have hundreds of titles from a vast array of genres. There is a beautiful set of Elizabeth David cookbooks, a stunning Anne of Green Gables and a set of Beatrix Potter books. If you appreciate a beautiful book, I highly recommend you take a look. 
  3. There's this fantastic website launching in May called Your Year Off, with information and articles on all you need to know about taking a gap year. You can get in early by following them on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Cereal is not just a convenient breakfast food. Its also a new lifestyle magazine/blog that's mostly about food and travel. Its very quirky (there's a feature on the history of pepper in the current issue), and they've structured it like a book with different "chapters" for different topics. The imagery is also amazing. Check out their website, and you can subscribe via Mag Nation if you like what you see.  
  5. Oh my god! My life is complete! Nigella has come up with the ultimate cupcake: maple buttercream cupcakes with bacon sprinkles. See them for yourself here.  
  6. The Edit is the weekly online publication from Net-a-Porter. Its high quality editorial, and they've spent big bucks on it. Its headed up by Lucy Yeomans (ex-Harper's Bazaar UK) and Jennifer Dickinson (ex-Elle UK) who are obviously dedicated to this - its easily as good as their previous publications. They average 30 pages each issue and is presented beautifully online. It may be more relevant in some ways than the print publications as this is now - theres no waiting for the season to change or stock to land in stores. Its all on Net-a-Porter now! If you can't afford you're usual reads this month, I suggest checking it out as its totally free.
  7. Will someone start a cookbook club with me? ANYONE? I am deadly serious. I would LOVE to do this! Just look at all those capital letters for how much enthusiasm I have for this idea. 

Books from the Folio Society.