22 March 2013

Mars Bar Slice

Mars Bar Slice is a recipe I know by heart. Family legend has that I taught my Aunt to cook it one day when she was babysitting. I don't remember it, though I was only 3 or 4.

It is a super-delicious, super-easy treat that everybody loves. Put a batch of this out and it'll be gone in the blink of an eye! Not that it matters; you can make it that quickly too.

This is a no-bake, no-stove, barely need a fridge recipe. My only stipulation is that you use actual Mars Bars. Anything else messes with the consistency.
  • 3 regular size Mars Bars OR a packet of fun size bars*
  • 3 1/2 cups puffed rice cereal (aka rice bubbles)
  • 90g butter
*If you want it a little fudgier try using extra bars.

Chop Mars Bars and butter and place in a microwave-safe jug/bowl, or in a pan over the stove. In a microwave, melt in bursts of a couple of minutes and stir after each. On the stove, melt over low heat.

The consistency wont be perfectly smooth (the nougat goes a little stringy), but its done when the chocolate and butter are melted and the nougat has broken down. 

Mix the cereal in gently so as not to crush too much, ensuring everything is coated evenly.

Spread into a lined (foil or baking paper) 20 - 25cm square tin. Set in the fridge until firm (though I found mine did set quite quickly in a cool spot out of the fridge) and cut into squares to serve.

You can ice this with melted chocolate or chocolate icing, but I never have and have found you loose the Mars Bar taste when you do.