16 April 2013

Blog Roll: #Gnom-Gnom

Paola van der Hulst is known for her fashion blog The PvdH Journal and she's recently launched a jewellery line. I love the little insights to her creative world in Mexico (I know right! How exotic). So how excited was I when she launched her food blog #Gnom-Gnom!

Its a lip-smackingly good combination of American classics, Mexican flavours and European delights. How could that not be good? And the photography is great as well, somehow making the food look even more edible.

Her friendly style of writing from her fashion blog extends over to #Gnom-Gnom. Its like having a conversation with a friend on my 2 favourite pursuits - food and fashion. You'll find it hard not to be drawn in, and as a bonus, most of her recipes are more along the healthy route than those of most other food bloggers.

To check it out go to the link in my blog roll or http://www.gnom-gnom.com/