1 April 2013

Blog Roll: Local is Lovely

Local is lovely. This blog is lovely! And blogger Sophie Hansen seems pretty lovely too.

It is hard not to enjoy reading about someone who is so obviously enjoying what they are doing. Even more so when you admire their approach to life. Her life is something I can only dream f now, but reading about it makes it seem ever more possible.

Hansen lives in Orange (NSW, Australia) and farms venison with her husband and children. Its idyllic to say the least. The recipes and the people she meets are inspirational, and entirely attainable. Their is plenty here that you can make your own.

So if you love local food, love farmers' markets and the philosophy that surrounds them, or you simply like reading about someone who is really enjoying life, than this is the blog for you! Even just admiring the prettiness of the blog itself is joyful!

Find the link in my blog roll or visit http://www.local-lovely.com/ 

Hansen & family.

All images via Local is Lovely.