20 May 2013

Blog Roll: Gluten Free Scallywag

Isn't that the sweetest blog name? I love the idea of this little gluten-free cartoonish character causing havoc in kitchens.

There are so many people with gluten intolerances (of varying degrees), and it must be hard having to be so careful all the time. And also hard trying to work out how you can change recipes to suit. This blog is an endless treasure trove of recipes fulfilling just that need. And the recipes are just mouth watering anyway! Both sweet and savoury.

This blog has been a lifesaver when I've been cooking for friends with a gluten intolerance - making life easier for me, and more exciting for them. There are many recipes I've noted just to try out myself, as being gluten-free they often lend themselves to being more wholesome in general. Case-in-point: the brown rice and chicken salad pictured below. Boring it is not!

You can find the link to the blog in my Blog Roll or at http://www.glutenfreescallywag.com/.


Gorgeous blogger Jas.