30 June 2013

The Weekly Digest #9

  1. Feminist Taylor Swift. Whoever thought this up deserves a medal or something. Check it out on twitter NOW!
  2. I'm a wallpaper fan. Are you? If you aren't you will be after visiting Mr Perswall's! These are truly stunning and they have an incredible range. I love this bookshelf print, this lovely silhouette,  and my absolute favourite is this incredible faded floral
  3. Shoes shoes shoes! What ones are you coveting this week? My list is endless: classic Emilio Pucci strappy heels, Chloe block heels, nude Gianvito Rossi pumps, Tony Bianco boots, Dolce & Gabbana floral slippers...   
  4. Want to be one of those cool farmers market shoppers but can't be bothered/too hungover to get out of bed on a Saturday morning? Have no fear, a solution is here! Give The Local Harvest Collective a go: "the local harvest collective as a way to be self-sufficient, proactively support a food system I truly believe in and to provide the opportunity for busy city living people in my area to nourish themselves in a completely positive way"
  5. The new issue of foodie mag Sprout is out. Its a special issue on all things pickled and preserved, plus I found out where all the best winter food events are for the next couple of months.