22 August 2013

Blog Roll: Local Milk

Another food blog you ask? But once you read this one you'll find it hard not to check in to see if there is a new culinary surprise a-waiting. And surprise they are. There are flavour combinations that I'd never think of in my wildest experiments, and yet, every flavour is accessible. White peach, rose and basil (in a pie) sounds odd, but who can't access those flavours? There is no crucial ingredient you need to search far-and-wide for - this is the everyday made adventurous.

The blogger, Beth, hails from Tennessee and has an obvious passion for food. I recommend reading her 'About' page - very interesting. She says on the name and inspiration for starting a blog:

"The title {local milk} was inspired by a new found love of both raw milk and Chattanooga. Milk is that basic building block of mammalian life: our first source of nutrients as infants. Milk is our nutritional cradle, a primal food. It's creamy, porcelain, and sweet with myriad permutations: butter, cream, kefir, yogurt, ice cream, and cheeses. Chattanooga, like milk, is what I was born and raised on, and I believe it is proving that its potential for change is as abundant." 

She has a food philosophy I can identify with, and recipes I can't wait to try. There is little else I can ask for in my daily reading material!


Find Beth at www.localmilkblog.com or in my Blog Roll.