4 August 2013

The Weekly Digest #14

  1. This is a fantastic idea - personalised recipe tea towels. Pick a recipe, fill in the details and order! 
  2. The adorable artworks and quirky gifts from Alice Tait (available here). I'm coveting the portobello road print, her city maps, and a spring day in Paris print.  
  3. Wall art from Not on the High Street. And yes they do (mostly) ship internationally. Plus they have a million other things to tempt you too, from tableware to novelty sweaters. I mean, you get a personalised sketch of your house done! Now thats a housewarming gift. 
  4. Bread. I'm becoming a baker! Kneading can be wonderfully therapeutic, but an electric mixer and dough hook make it easier! Start with a simple pizza dough (no worries if it fails to rise then), before progressing to a white loaf and then a wholemeal or multigrain. Once you've mastered those try these for something different: malted walnut seed loaf, honey wholemeal, rye ale & oat, raspberry, chocolate & hazelnut breakfast bread, sesame seed buns, and blueberry brioche.