12 November 2013

Book Review: I Remember You

I Remember You by Harriet Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Definitely in the category of good chick lit! I found it hard to put down (I gave up reading it before bed, as I was up til all hours!).

Despite that, it take a little while to get going (the second half is where the actions at). In retrospect all the setting-up in the beginning is necessary so that we can understand as things begin to unravel in the second half. There is a little mystery, and lots of anticipation, despite knowing how one aspect of the book will end (obviously there is a happy ever after). Part of the anticipation, I think, is the need to know if your prediction is right.

There are some interesting characters, and no one is overly cliched (though plenty do abound in other aspects). They all seem quite normal really.

Just enjoy this book, and let it take you along for the ride.

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