18 November 2013

Kitchen Cabinet: Ceramics

The kitchen kit. Everyone says something different - some say you need a million things, others are so minimal its just boring! I'd like to think I fall somewhere in the middle, though I admit if I had the space and the finances I'd probably have more things than I do! I also admit that I have quite a lot, and some would say more than necessary.

I do have some essentials, but there are many more things I just really want to see adorning my cupboard for no other reason then I like the look of them.

That's what 'Kitchen Cabinet' will be about! I mix of the thing sI can't live without, and the things I'm coveting. I might throw in some photos of beautiful kitchens for good measure.

This week I'm all about ceramics. I don't have enough of them! I'm really wanting some of these from Etsy store Art & Manufacture. Aren't the beautiful? The pie dish is top of my list.

Though that mixing bowl could sway me...