21 December 2013

The Weekly Digest #22

  1. Claudia Pearson's Etsy shop. Very cute foodie illustrations on everything from calendars to tea towels. 
  2. This up-cycled glassware made from old glass bottles. I like the blue glass tumblers and green vase.  
  3. I love jam. I love it most when its homemade (I don't think I've ever actually bought jam in a supermarket...). The Jam Bandits are a creative pair based in Surry Hills who've come up with something I wish I'd though of - homemade, local in every way, small batch jam. Brilliant. See their site for info on where you can pick up a jar or two. Their Instagram is super cute too so get following. 
  4. It's Mariah & Buble. Singing together. All your Christmas dreams come true. Watch it.