22 February 2014

The Weekly Digest #24

  1. The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet - WATCH IT. I think its so important for women to have the conversations she is having. Yes, there are celebrities, but they are all intelligent women. Lady Gaga has some particularly enlightened things to say I thought, and Diane von Furstenberg should be our model for ageing. And it isn't only celebrities - there is a senator, writers, magazine editors. Anyone who is female with something to say. This is a show for and about women - it's everything we talk about between ourselves on a bigger platform.
  2. Country Road has me pining for cooler weather. There are the cosiest knits, perfect ankle boots in every shade and some fantastic jackets. And then there are the spotty accessories and the homewares strike a perfect balance between cosy and modern. The menswear looks pretty good too. 
  3. Flora Waycott offers up cute and quirky prints, which you can hang on your wall or dry the dishes with. You can even share the love with her greetings cards. 
  4. I find it hard to get lovely bed linens in quality cottons that are still simple enough to please my boyfriend. I think Fictional Objects just might be the key to fixing all my problems. There splendid pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and aren't over priced. A Queen sized doona cover will set you back $190, and it's reversible so think of it as 2-for-1!