30 April 2014

Book Review: Regarding Jane Eyre

Regarding Jane Eyre by Susan Geason
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I've never actually read Jane Eyre. It's been sitting, unopened, on my bookshelf (in various locations - home, boarding school, gap year, share house & now apartment) for years. It was a childhood gift, a birthday or Christmas I can't remember. I have just never been driven to pick it up.

So why read a book about reading Jane Eyre? Motivation maybe? Encouragement? Who knows!

I picked this up on a library throw out table. It was a couple of dollars and it makes my bookshelf a little more well-rounded. It sticks out amongst all the chick lit.

But I actually enjoyed it! I've always known the basic story of Jane Eyre and these insights and reactions were quite illuminating. Some are better than others. "Crown me with Roses Pastiche' by Jean Bedford has stuck with me (it's the storyline of Jane Eyre brought forward and possibly even more odd). The initial essays were fascinating to read. I enjoyed Elizabeth Gaskell's as well as she knew Bronte - I feel a need to read her biography of Bronte now.

So if I can enjoy this book having never read Jane Eyre, I imagine someone who has would enjoy it even more.

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