19 April 2014

The Weekly Digest #27

I know, I'm sorry! Its been such a long time and you've all probably moved on by now... But alas, I have been busy reading, reading, reading - such is the life of an English student! That does mean I'll have lots of great reviews for you very soon (though not to soon as if you look at my Goodreads profile you'll see I'm currently in the middle of 21 books...).

I have for you a Weekly Digest though (or should that be monthly? Its been awhile...)
  1. This fantastic reversible shopper from Marcs. It comes in number of colour combos but my pick is the classic black and cream.
  2. The Coveteur's chat with the remarkable and wonderful Iris Apfel. There are many pearls of wisdom here including: "I have all of these lovely things that I've collected over the years that are just sitting there and are very hard to part with. I finally decided that it was ridiculous and that people should enjoy them." and "My father told me once not to expect anything from anybody so I wouldn't be disappointed. If somebody was nice and did nice things for me I should be overjoyed, but I shouldn't go through life expecting it, which is very good advice." 
  3. Book Depository's 'Best Books Ever' list. Can't say I agreed with all of them, but you can suggest you're own. Check them out. 
  4. The Royals. Mostly baby George and those ridiculous cheeks of his, and of course the Duchess. I mean could she be any more perfectly dressed? Nails it every time. 
  5. The Life Picture Collection on Art.com. There really is something for everyone - from quirky images to monumental moments in history. 
  6. I'm reaffirming my love for the Manrepeller with these latest gems: The 30% Theory, FODO,  and The Alarming Similarities of Lena Dunham & Kim Kardashian (I know, but read it & be amazed).
  7. This stupid easy tin can DIY. You don't even need the paint to be honest! And the freezing tip is brilliant. I've started saving cans. 
  8. These letter planters would make a great cheap & easy, yet impressive DIY gift. The blog Henry Happened is my new favourite thing.