26 August 2014

Book Review: Is It Just Me?

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not quite as good as I wanted it to be, to put it simply. Perhaps my expectations were too high, or perhaps it really is not as great as it should be. I hesitate to add this, but if you are a Miranda fan some things may feel familiar, and not in a good way. I sometimes thought I'd heard these jokes before...

That said, I still really liked it and if you do love Miranda, read away! Its fun, lighthearted and amusing. I did laugh out loud, and I smiled the whole way through. Really, its impossible not too. She has a way of conveying a story that really is hilarious, and you never find it difficult to believe that these ridiculous things could happen to her. Her hilarity is just the way she is, so it certainly comes through in the writing.

Unlike other celebrity memoirs (not that I've read too many...) the voice was authentic and it was decently written. Perhaps that comes from the comedy background, and the fact she is not just an actor or presenter, but a creator. Basically, she has done this writing thing before.

So, if you like/love/adore Miranda, read the book. I can't deny its not fun, but don't go in expecting comedic genius. Genius is not what she does; she does hilarity and she does it well.

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