5 September 2014

Book Review: The Feminine Mistake

The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Much? by Leslie Bennetts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Are you female? Then you need to read this book.

It will tell you many things you feel you already knew, but now you will really know why and you will wholeheartedly believe the things Bennetts is saying. Its irrefutable. And if, full of your knowledge, someone tries to argue with you all you need do is hand them a copy with this simple instruction: read it.

Bennetts does not attack stay-at-home mothers. This book isn't about that, and it certainly isn't a feminist tirade, full of preaching and bra burning mantras. Bennetts presents her case with simple logic, explanation and stories from an incredibly vast variety of women. She doesn't even tell you your making the wrong choice (or considering making), she just presents you with the facts and asks "are you sure"? And I challenge anyone, after reading this book, to say they are truly and fully committed to putting all their eggs in one basket without an ounce of concern about how it will all turn out. You feel as you are reading that Bennetts is on your side: she's like your wise Aunt sharing the wisdom she's gathered from a lifetime of experience, and a little pain.

There is a focus on the family unit, and particular emphasis on how to support a family if you are suddenly left a single mother, but it is a message that is so important to learn before you are faced with actually having to make decisions. And while at times you may find it repetitive, it is written so that all possibilities are covered and that all women will find a woman's story they can identify with.

What Bennetts is doing is finally talking about something that women, when we think about it, are at best trying not to think about, and at worst naively denying. It is unpleasant, and sometimes downright traumatic, to think about the "what ifs", but as Bennetts shows, it is far better to think about then to go in blind if or when the time comes. What this book does is empower women, of any age and in any situation, to make an informed decision. It puts in our hands a wealth of information that may just mean that you are prepared for whatever life may through at you.

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