2 February 2015

Review: Nigella Express: Good Food, Fast

Nigella Express: Good Food, Fast
Nigella Express: Good Food, Fast by Nigella Lawson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the food I associate with Nigella, and it is the reason I love her and will always turn to her for advice, inspiration and solutions to every kitchen debacle. I may be biased in my admiration of her, but this book is wonderful regardless of any previous acquaintance with her recipes and conversational witter.

There is a speedy solution for every occasion and every appetite. All of it is essential to a well rounded kitchen repertoire I feel. From indulgent desserts such as chocolate pear pudding and a recipe for mincemeat squares that mean you won't miss mince pies at all, to simple meals like a chef's salad of lettuce, avocado and ham with a mustardy dressing and curry in a hurry is the ultimate frozen vegetable/store cupboard saviour. I kid you not when I say every occasion is covered - there is a recipe for pomegranate duck that would impress the most sophisticated of dinner party guests that can be whipped up in no time at all.

There are many cookbooks promising meals in 30 minutes, some as little as 15, but part of me doesn't trust these chefs whose skills are far beyond mine. Nigella though, has none of their training is all the better for it. When she says express, she means it and I trust that I can achieve it. These recipes appear realistic and I am undaunted by the task of cooking them.

And that's what makes this cookbook so perfect. Everything is a delightful combination of flavours, and within my reach. It is exactly what was missing from my cookbook collection.

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