2 February 2015

Review: The Wrong Girl

The Wrong Girl
The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Fun and very easy to read, I really wanted to like Foster's writing efforts. But I just can't move past how terribly bland the writing is.

I love a good hit of chick lit every now and then (Ok, nearly every second book I read...) and always try to consider them in comparison with other chick lit because there is no point comparing them to anything else. So, Monica McInerney and Nora Roberts are the gold standard. Their prose is nothing special, but they do have an engaging way of writing that makes you feel things. I just didn't get anything from Foster. Which is a shame because the plot is decent enough and the characters are both likeable and believable (though Lily and Simone's friendship did puzzle me a little - her friendship with Alice made far more sense and should have been given more time). The writing is just bland, rushed and uninspired. Perhaps reading it straight after a McInerney effort didn't help matters, even if I thought that had not been a best effort either.

I must admit that while this book (and Foster's others) have been on my radar for some time I have never been tempted to pick one up and I actually won this copy at the launch of Kindling: A Writer's Edit Anthology. I think I will give the others a chance though, because this book wasn't a complete flop.

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