19 March 2013

Blog Roll: Tuula


I follow a few blogs here and there (ok, so I lied, I follow a lot...). I found a new one today. And it's been some time since I've been so inspired and filled with a longing for more (and more and more and more!). Since the Sartorialist and Garance Dore found their way onto my list really. And they're pretty much the king and queen of fashion blogging - could their be a more amazing single-industry power-couple (celebrities aside).

Moving on, Tuula (the blogger is Jessica Stein) is Australian (bigger yay!) and is positively fabulous! Very much my style, so basically rather kept and proper - none of that wonderful model-of-duty-non-put-togetherness. Its very real life but just far enough away to allow for some dreaming. I definately suggest you take a look - she's got all the social media stuff so you can get a dose whatever you fancy. Follow her blog, and follow her on Instagram (@tuulavintage) for an insight into her wonderful adventures. It'll be well worth the overwhelming envy you'll feel!

And here's a little taste of what you'll get:

P.S. [19 March 2013] By now if you're into fashion I'm sure you've heard of Jessica Stein, she's been galavanting about the globe doing some wonderful things. Her blog has come leaps and bounds since I first started reading.