24 April 2013

Blog Roll: Always With Butter

A girl I know from my school days got me onto this blog after she found it. I am now a die hard fa!. And I'm hoping all you foodies out there will join me in appreciating just how wonderful both the food and photography is.

My favourite bit? Aside from the deliciousness of everything would be the way Julie (Marie Craig - I'd like to think she's my best friend!) sets out the recipe. Its basically a cook book online! When I find a favourite I've made a habit of copying the recipe image and one or two photos into a PDF and printing out. It's display ready! I'm also jealous of the wonderful rustic kitchenwear she appears to have. Come to think of it I'm just plain jealous of everything about her. Can we trade lives?

"I work as a baker at a  cupcakery in San Francisco, CA. I spend my days off baking, photographing, going to farms and hunting down the perfect food props."
~ J.M. Craig ~ 

Everything is just so pretty...

P.S. She's Martha Stewart approved!

You can find the link in my blog page, or at http://alwayswithbutter.blogspot.com/