9 April 2013

Book Review: Small Island

Small Island by Andrea Levy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aside from the slow pace and the constant shifting narrative voice, this book is near perfection.

Its a beautiful, moving tale of ordinary struggles. Nothing overly dramatic occurs considering its wartime, but the things that do will often still shock and outrage you. The way certain people are treated as they go about their everyday lives, and the dramatic shifts that are occurring in British society post-war are enough.

Its a beautiful novel with new perspectives. We've heard Gilbert's story in a form before, and we've also heard Bernard's. But have we heard the naivety and hope of Hortense? Have we heard the truth about Queenie before? The simplicity is the most engrossing thing I've read in some time.

I hope you'll all read this novel, and I hope you'll all feel something. If you don't, I'd doubt you ability to feel something at all.

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