15 June 2013

Blog Roll: Manger

A beautiful, fashionable woman who has travelled and lived all over the world. Her cooking for friends and family inspired by a fusion of French, Anglo and Asian cuisine. Now settled in the idilic rural French countryside. Doesn't that sound like a dream come true? Well, it is for Mimi Thorisson blogger at the inspirational 'Manger'.

I am so glad that someone is living this dream, as it gives hope to all of yet to make the leap and have our own dreams come true.

But back to the food. Its delicious! How about the perfect French/English roast? With chocolate swirl meringues to finish? Or plum and fig meringue pie of you'd like something a little richer. How about a summer peach tart for afternoon tea when friends drop by? Or her Josephine Ruffle Cake when you really need to impress. You could get lost for days on this blog, emerging starving and inspired at the end.

Manger is only a recent discovery of mine, and it remains a constant inspiration as I check in everyday (sometimes more!) to see what new and exciting things are happening in the world of Medoc and Mimi Thorisson. I suggest you join me - we'll have such fun!

Mimi in her delightful French kitchen (my jealousy is becoming uncontrollable!)
Find the link to 'Manger' in my blog roll.