15 July 2013

The Weekly Digest #11

  1. These quirky artworks and other things from Little Circus Design (a.k.a. artist Madeleine Stamer.) I love the 'Blue Girl' print, the giant bird wall motifs, this babushka dolls print and this dove print.  
  2. I'm a Keira Knightly fan (and even more so when directed by Joe Wright as she is here). And even if you don't like her that much, you need to watch this video she's done for Women's Aid on domestic violence. Its 2 minutes of your day that you really should be spending on Youtube. 
  3. The quaint little decanter-inspired porcelain vases from Shan Annabelle Valla. I'll take a triple set please!
  4. I'm really liking Moroccan-style prints at the moment. Like the one on this Oscar de la Renta dress or skirt, and these pieces from Asos: tile print pants, shift dress, scarf print dress, and mini dress.   
  5. These quirky cushions. Since moving in with Mr Boyfriend, there have been some decorating issues - I am a girly-girl and he, well, obviously isn't in to that so much! I think Zana offers just the right balance (that is, he can put up with these ones, but not these incredible floor cushions from Bonnie & Neil)
  6. Neil Barrett's autumn/winter '13 collection is a masterclass in good coat-wearing (and one of his is probably a good place to start).