11 August 2013

Book Review: White Truffles in Winter

White Truffles in Winter by N.M. Kelby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The romance of food. That is what Escoffier believes in; his wife, not so much.

This is a fantastically written book, seamlessly blending the perspectives of three narrators - chef Escoffier, his wife Delphine and kitchen-girl Sabine. The Escoffiers had a great love, albeit strange and distant. You will think each of the stupid, you will sorry for them, you will hate them, and you will adore them. All at the same time!

I wouldn't recommend this book to just anyone. A love of cooking (not just food) is needed to understand these characters and their story. You could be forgiven for thinking it is a book about food, but no, it is about the art of cooking - it is about creation.

Its turbulent at times, and I failed to comprehend some of the characters life choices. But in the end, it all just ends; this fantastical life.

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