11 August 2013

The Weekly Digest #15

  1. Want to start a little garden on your balcony/courtyard/windowsill/kitchen bench? But Bunnings scares you? (Personally, I think its a heavenly place...) Well Urban Gardenista is for you. They've got a range of boxes filled with carefully chosen plants to get you started. They've got edibles, herbs, succulents & colour co-ordinated flowers. No Bunnings trip required!
  2. I'm a literature nut, so when I found out about Samantha Hahn's new art book Well-Read Women I was over the moon. Hahn has created 50 portraits of literature's most famous heroines, from Anna Karenina to Daisy Buchanan, and they're printed alongside some of their best known lines. It launches in a few days, and you can pre-order online at Book Depository or Amazon.
  3. Party food. Spring is just around the corner & outdoor entertainment can begin again! Featuring on my platters will be bacon jam & goat's curd pop tarts, avocado hummus, baked garlic & thyme brie, spinach babaganoush, and rosemary sweet potato chips.