25 September 2013

Book Review: The Household Guide to Dying

The Household Guide To Dying by Debra Adelaide
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have not read a book this well written in quite some time. Especially not a contemporary novel. Debra Adelaide is writer of the highest order.

This book is not as sad as you think it will be (I only cried once, at a moment impossible not to) and it is no way morbid. It is about dying not death (the distinction will become clear as you read). I had mixed emotions at all times, but most of the time I was just captivated by Delia and her story. She'll always be one of my favourite literature women.

I haven't come across another book like this one, or ever will again. Frankly, I don't really want too. It is not an enjoyable read, though neither is it not. Compelling, contradictory, original and moving. Just read it to see what I mean.

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