6 October 2013

The Weekly Digest #17

  1. I'm loving pearl barley! Its very old-school, and a wonderful way to bulk out stews, soups and other such things. My pick of the bunch at the moment: porcini, chicken & barley stew, braised lamb, barley, pumpkin & sage risotto, beef pie and 4-grain salad.
  2. Enamel-wear. Also very old-school, its wonderful as a baking dish for pies and crumbles, there's some really cute teapots & jugs, plus I really like the buckets as they're both functional and nice to look at! Check out the Exchange Store if you fancy some. They've got some other wonderful bits and bobs too like metal tea caddies, soaps and retro watering cans. 
  3. Honey. I have some creamed honey in the pantry at the moment & it's amazing! So, here are some other honey treats I'm craving: French honey cake, honey-berry roulade, lemon & honey Anzac tart and raspberry & honey tart.  
My summer outfit of choice.
ADEAM Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014