4 October 2013

Book Review: Wedding Season

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde
Wedding Season by Katie Fforde
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About 3 chapters in I realised that I'd read this book before, and I'd really liked it then. This time, I didn't so much.

There are a number of reasons:
1. Its just not that good. I mean, yes its chick lit so its not fantastic, but compared to other chick lit it still isn't that great.
2. I'd just read 3 books in a row about weddings and wedding planners. And these were REALLY good. Nora Roberts is the best chick lit writer.
3. Rereading chick lit just ruins it. First time your so caught up in the story you don't notice the flaws. Second time around, everything sticks out.

I normally enjoy Katie Fforde, which is why I'm not blaming the book for this terrible review. I blame the circumstances in which I read it.

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