4 December 2013

Kitchen Cabinet: Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are an easily forgotten kitchen item. We all have them, but how many of us have actually invested in them? I mean, cost per use, they are great value! Much better than that expensive ice cream churn you've got at the back of the cupboard... (I still want one, no matter how much I know I won't use it).

And there are some beautiful ones out there. Anthropology is a great place to start (I love these geese. Adorable!). If you're into vintage, Etsy is obviously your go-to. This green glass one is my pick, but I also like this handmade ceramic set. And functional doesn't mean devoid of beauty. I think this set from West Elm is to die for. They come in both enamel and copper, plus they have matching spoons sets if you're really keen. These ones are obviously for the elegant baker amongst us (or the clumsy, those goose necks look a little fragile...).