16 March 2014

The Weekly Digest #25

  1. Easter is coming around again (I know!), and I have just discovered a genius idea: hot cross bun loaf! I like mine toasted, but those buns are hard to fit in a toaster so this could be my new favourite thing.
  2. These simple-as guide for boiling the perfect egg from bon appetit. For something so simple, its incredibly difficult.
  3. DIY painted pots. Because sometimes terracotta is just so drab. 
  4. And this idea from E.A.T. blog for reusing olive oil tins. I've always cut out the top, but this is genius. 
  5. Brownies with stuff swirled through them. I made a batch with dulce de leche from the latest Delicious magazine, but these goats cheese & raspberry ones look amazing. Or you could just bung in some chunks of mars bar...