20 March 2014

Book Review: Tales of a Female Nomad

Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Perfectly written and inspirational. You can tell that this is a writer on an adventure, not an adventurer trying to write.

There is nothing particularly extraordinary about Gelman's travels, except that she did them. If we all travelled in the authentic, all-embracing, trusting way she did we too would have these experiences. There is no pretentious "you're not a real traveller" sentiment, just a telling of her way of travelling. Actually, I think its more living than travelling. Travellers are forever moving, but Gelman lived in these places (sometimes for years in total). I wish I had the courage to see the world like this, but honestly, I'm content to join her journey from the comfort of my couch or warm bed.

This book seemed to go forever, and this was never a bad thing. It spans 15-odd years, and realistically, she could have dragged it out far longer without any complaint on my part. I very much feel that I know Gelman, that I took this journey with her. A terrible cliche for a book, but I've never found a book where I could actually apply it. I'm just left with a desire to know more - where did she go next?

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