6 May 2014

Book Review: Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons by Anna Goldsworthy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was sceptical about this book when it first appeared on a reading list for one of my university classes. It was very enticing to say the least. But, I have found myself turning page after page late into the night as if it had some magical hold over me. I have no idea what it was! It is well written, and the process behind learning to play the piano is fascinating, and yet nothing much happens. Nothing much at all - the tale is so simple. Maybe I'm missing something, but I really don't mind as I found it to be a really great book. If you are musical, perhaps you will find what I could not...

I felt at once frustrated by and in awe of Goldsworthy. Her attitude drove me mad - why could she not understand? Why was she being so ridiculous about it all? Why, why, why!! Ultimately though, she has such an incredible talent that little else really matters. She overcame many personal demons to achieve her dreams: to become a concert pianist. Despite the frustration, you want her to succeed.

And Mrs Sivan is such a magical creature. She is what truly made the book, and appropriately so as Goldsworthy owes much of her success to Sivan. This book is as much Goldsworthy's memoir as it is an ode to the woman her meant so much to her.

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