22 May 2014

The Weekly Digest #28

  1. Prize winning books by women you need to read NOW!
  2. How much of a book addict are you? Buzzfeed has the answer! Let me know what you all get (I ticked 43 boxes - so basically I have a problem...)
  3. The newest Time magazine with Beyonce leading the 41 other women mentioned (think designer Pheobe Philo, Hilary Clinton, Natalie Massenet aka Ms Net-A-Porter and Miley) as the world's most influential people. What's great though (and why you should get a copy) is that each bio was written by a close friend of the entrant. Sheryl Sandberg wrote on Beyonce, Stella McCartney wrote on Philo and J.Crew's Jenna Lyons wrote about Massenet. And that's just for starters. 
  4. Brooklyn based Helen Levi's wonderful ceramics. The pitcher and mug sets are top of my list
  5. A little while ago Book Depository released their list of the 100 best books ever, and now they've released the top 100 as voted by their customers. Check it out - you never know what you may find.
  6. Olivia Burton watches. Just perfect. 
  7. These recipes for strawberries from Saveur. How I wish they were in season, but alas, I'll just pin them for later.
  8. Gorman's winter harvest quilt needs no explaining.