7 July 2014

Book Review: The Mountain

The Mountain by Drusilla Modjeska
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reading this book through the close lens of Postcolonialism ruins a little of the magic Modjeska creates. But, it is important not to let it leave your mind entirely as it is, in reality, the root of the problems, and the reason it falls apart.

Confusing, layered, imperfect and beautiful. It is an enlightening read, and one that doesn't draw any battle lines or attempt to convince the reader that one way is right and one way is wrong. This isn't a Postcolonialism text, but a text set in a postcolonial landscape that explores the personal complexities faced by a variety of characters.

Each character is moving, but if I am honest, Rika is off putting. I tried hard to like and sympathise with her, but her ignorant defiance continually got in the way. I am not critical of her choices (how can I be with no experience of them), but to put it simply, she caused a lot of damage and I doubted whether her feelings were true. She remains the most interesting character though. The others tend to fit better into established moulds.

Read this book, but do not judge it and do not judge the characters, or you will be disappointed.

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