5 July 2014

Kitchen Cabinet: Flower Pots

Not the pots of the cooking kind, so not exactly kitchen cabinet, but I can see the  pretty pink Clycamen I'm hoping to pot up from my kitchen. It may even take pride of place on the shelf above the sink at some point.

But anyway, I'm torn between a few pots so need some help to decide! I've been trawling through Etsy (its becoming exhausting!) as I have my heart set on some handmade/rustic/organic looking like the pottery ones from Living Earth Ceramics (they do some great vases too though so I find myself distracted...). I also love the Celedon pot from Anthropologie, Helen Levi's desert planter, and for something different and more modern the Pantone pots are great (if only I could pick a colour!). And then there are the DIY ideas I've come across like copper-painted tin cans (check out all these ideas for repurposing tin cans!) or gold-leaf edged terracotta pots (though I think I might try this in my courtyard for a little glam update).

I'm also keen on the idea of an enamel chamber pot...

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