2 June 2013

The Weekly Digest #6

  1. These photos are amazing! Each one is of a family and a weeks worth of the food they eat. Some of them have crazy amounts of processed packaged foods (hello America!), in such a contrast to places like India and Italy where they still cook a lot, and again to the African countries where they have hardly any food. See them all here
  2. I'm an avid tea drinker and I'm always on the look out for new blends and tea-makers. I came across Bellocq one on Instagram (I know right, its a melting pot of culture!), and highly recommend that you follow them and also check out their website. So many beautiful teas! I'll be putting my order in for No. 40 Charleston, No. 47 The Queen's Guard, No. 28 Mulberry Leaf Tea and No. 20 Kikuya.  
  3. I like to send flowers to people, but I have a huge issue with hour expensive and unimaginative it can be. There are some great companies doing quirky, inexpensive things in the UK but its been slow to take off over here. And then I found Little Flowers. They have a different bunch of flowers every day for just $25 including delivery! They only have the one type of flower (which is how they keep the cost down) and they only operate in the Sydney area, but it can all be done online! So next time you've forgotten someones birthday and you're short on change, this is your answer! See their lovely bunches here.
  4. The local shops. Been to a butcher lately? How about the green grocer? And I don't mean the random one in your nearest shopping centre; I mean the one you think is dodgy around the corner. Trust me - they aren't! You'll save yourself a bunch of cash, their super friendly (can translate as freebies over time) and you don't have to trek to Coles/Woolies and battle with the self-serve checkout. They are conveniently close by. Give them a go next time the fridge is looking bare.
  5. These new words to live by: