19 July 2013

Blog Roll: Liberty London Girl

Reading this blog is like taking a little step inside the fashion world. Just a little one - a taster, a teaser. Sasha Wilkins is a witty writer who doesn't feel the need to be over the top and endlessly posting about what fabulous designer piece she wore today. Its a little more intelligent than that. I liken it to reading Madison - its got fashion, food, lifestyle, design, books, travel, health and technology (plus some more). I love the diversity of it, and also how it just flows naturally.

She started her career at Conde Nast and began blogging in 2006, and LLG became her pre-occupation around 2009 after finishing as the executive style editor at The Wall Street Journal's 'WSJ' magazine. Now, she's a conbination of "writer-blogger-journalist-broadcaster-editer-stylist-brand consultant". Nice if you can get it!

And you must fllow her on twitter too - the wit continues.

Follow her through my blog roll or at http://www.libertylondongirl.com