22 July 2013

The Weekly Digest #12

  1. These quirky newspaper blackout poems. Might give it a go over my weekend paper...
  2. Maxime Simoens autumn/winter 2013 collection. Why I have only discovered it now I don't know, but I can tell you it is the ultimate combination of ladylike and fun. 
  3. How adorable is this Paris necklace? I'm not normally a jewellery person, but I'm desperate for this piece!
  4. Old school desserts with a twist. I'm talking a proper English-style pud spiced-up. Try these this week: arctic roll, pear & blackberry cobbler, baked apples with hazelnuts & maple cream and gingerbread puddings with salted caramel sauce
  5. Winter ice-creams. I firmly believe there is an ice-cream for every weather. My winter picks would have to be these rich and creamy options: rhubarb & pistachiolavender & chocolate, brown butter, peanut butter & honey with choc chip and malted condensed milk.