24 March 2014

The Weekly Digest #26

  1. The Co autumn/winter collection. I know, so last season, but its cooling down here so I'm after inspiration. See my picks on Pinterest.
  2. Blankets. Piles and piles of them! I'm so keen for cooler weather (ghost white skin doesn't agree with summer sun unfortunately). I want this one from Country Road, and these ones from Hard to Find, the In Bed Store, and Fenton & Fenton.     
  3. So in a bit of shameless self promotion, I'm selling some things on Ebay! Yay! So head over, so whats there and if anything takes your fancy put in a bid! There are many bargains to be had (I'm talking 99c auctions on Isabel Marant!).
  4. Gillian Jacobs' wardrobe on the Coveteur. Please can it be mine?