27 November 2013

Book Review: Next to Love

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is chick lit for the serious reader. I thought I was getting into some light reading for Christmas. If only I'd known I was about to board an emotional roller-coaster. I was torn between loving and hating characters, cheering them on, and pitying their existence.

This is obviously well researched and well written. Some of the characters and their battles will feel familiar, but many will not (at least not in their particular context). Its a book about relationships I'm glad I read, and I enjoyed every moment. I couldn't put it down. Some things horrified me. Some things disgusted me. And others made me just sit and think. But mostly, I just needed to tell someone about it. The three women in this book - Babe, Grace and Millie - moved me (as did their husbands pre- and post-war and their children). There stories moved me. I admit, if my boyfriend wouldn't have laughed at me I probably would have burst into tears at some point.

Go ahead and devour this book as I did. Learn from it, and be moved by the heroics of everyday life.

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